First post!


I haven’t written for so long. I used to write fiction a lot and i guess, i have completely ran out of ideas. If you know me, you’d know that besides writing, i love to travel and i love wearing my designs when i travel. So here i am, creating a new blog, again, in hopes that unlike many others before, this will actually last – to document my travels and a little bit of fashion and food and to document those random days where i just feel like bringing the camera out and have my pictures taken, like today. To be entirely honest with you, when i was interviewed by a friend who was writing an article about me way back then, she did ask me if i was ever going to do a fashion blog and i had impetuously said ‘never’. And look who has decided to do so. Miss never is probably laughing at me right now. So kids, never say never, or it will bite you in the butt.

Of course, i was wearing the skirt from Grae’s linen collection. When i think of the skirt, i’d think of Morocco or Bali. Since i have yet to marry a prince, i can’t just pack my things and buy a ticket to Morocco, no? Therefore, Astana Morocco should suffice….for now.


When we arrived there, the guard had thought we were going to do a wedding photoshoot and demanded MYR1000+ for that and i was like, uhm no.  So apparently, to take a picture here, it only takes about MYR3 for each person but you have to be really quick and you can’t use your DSLR. So i was constantly striking awkward poses, not knowing how the pictures were going to turn out but the lighting was amazing (and of course, thanks to my favourite photographer/instagram husband) we all know, that is the key to good pictures.


I love high waisted skirts or pants! I can’t live without them. So with this skirt, i can just wear my favourite tank top and tuck it in or a crop top or a shirt or anything really. I would wear this to an island getaway or simply, to Pavilion because why not?



So yeah! Here’s my first post and here’s to the new beginning. Can’t wait to share more of my upcoming adventures with you.





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