Life & Death And A Little Update.

I have been rather occupied with insurmountable responsibilities for the past couple of weeks. I have been driving my mother to and fro the hospital and next week, she will be warded for her upcoming surgery. Nothing major, i hope. Without pretence, i despise being in the hospital. The space reeks of antiseptic smell that reminds me of life and death. While i was sitting in the midst of the waiting room, i thought of how it was truly a fascinating sight to be in. In one corner, there were a few couples with their newborn babies. There was a father with a camera, excited as one can be. I thought of the new chapter that they had recently embarked on as parents and it gave me a smile and a warm heart. I thought of how the new life that had just begun. While i dread the thought of raising a child especially in this current world we are living in, i reckon, having a child is pretty bloody magical, don’t you think?

Across the room, there were the elderlies awaiting to see their cardiologists. And  although, it is rather odd to feel this way but i somehow thought of death. I thought of the life they have led, is it a good one? Is it something they could be proud of? And when the time comes, will there be any regrets of the things they should have done? A dear friend of father had passed away a few days ago and i am not quite sure why i get really upset when i think of it. Throughout the course of his lifetime, we had only met three times because he lived in Manila but his passing had somehow managed to get to me. Such a wise man who had led life with absolute valour. But in all honesty, i was rather upset knowing that he had left behind his son who have loved him earnestly. I thought of my relationship with my parents. To think that i would do just about anything for them and to think that someday, i will be going about with my life without them feels rather odd. And to put it simply, beyond all imaginings.

On a lighter note, i have decided to give my room a little makeover. I had painted and repainted my room that had cost me my right hand. On top of that, i had adopted two plants. I hope they won’t die on me. I reckon, i will update all about it on my next post.

Until then, let’s not squander our life doing something completely meaningless shall we? In fact, let’s not squander our day. Let’s appreciate the people that we love, do as much good as we could possibly do.


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