Most beautiful and instagram worthy villas in Bali

Even though it has been seven months since my second trip to Bali (It honestly felt like forever ago) , i still get messages from random people asking about the places that we had stayed in Bali on my blog, Instagram and Twitter. I apologise for the delay and i thought, i should best answer it on my blog instead. So this is it! The most beautiful villas we had stayed for that gold instagram feed!

  •  Gravity, Uluwatu


Gravity has got to be one of the most memorable stays for me. It is like stepping into an entirely different world. The view was breathtaking and the decor was absolutely stunning.

E167475E-CB9C-429B-8AD2-7FE47F98249B copy.jpgIMG_2046 copy.jpgIMG_2081.jpgIMG_2080 copy.jpgIMG_2540 copy.jpgIMG_2479.jpg

However, it is a bit out of the way and it can be difficult to get around. Taxis can be expensive and it is hard to catch an Uber here. Nevertheless, it is still a perfect place for you to escape from the hustle and bustle of Seminyak. But with this kind of hotel, there is truly no reason for you to leave the hotel compound.

IMG_2697 2 copy.jpg

  •  Luxury villa in Canggu (AirBnb) – here

IMG_2094 copy.jpg

When Syaira had showed me the pictures of this villa, we instantly knew that this is a must stay regardless of the circumstances. I am head over heels over their decor. It gives me this LA vibe that i adore greatly. Besides the remarkably stunning decor, the location is also as amazing! It is walking distance to almost everywhere you’d want to go in Canggu. Otherwise, rent a scooter! This villa is meant for 4 people ( 2 bedrooms).

IMG_2103.jpgIMG_2097 copy.jpgIMG_2366 copy.jpgIMG_2522 copy.jpgIMG_2405 copy.jpg

  • Morabito Art Cliff, Uluwatu 

And the award for the most ‘where is this?’ question we receive is Morabito Art Cliff! I could say i am in Italy and a lot of people will believe me. It is truly one of the most stunning places i have ever been to. Although, bear in mind that you would need to climb a lot of steps to reach to this place and you might need to hire somebody to carry your luggage, unless you’re Hulk.

IMG_2983.jpgIMG_2992 copy.jpgIMG_2989 copy.jpgIMG_3253 copy.jpgIMG_3231 2 copy.jpgIMG_3376 2 copy.jpg

It is indeed expensive but it was worth every cent. Waking up to the view is beyond indescribable. It is truly something that you can never get tired of. I remember sitting at the corner, overlooking the sunset across the horizon and i could still bring back every inch of that image — made me contemplate about life in its entirety. I will surely be back here if i ever find myself in Bali again!


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