My IPL experience @ Bubblegum

Waxing can be an excruciating experience especially when it comes to waxing your bikini area. At least, it is for me. Fortunately, the pain is bearable for other parts of my body but bikini area is just…hell. Coming from a person who was dumb enough to go through such agony for almost two years (every session involves me wanting to knee the beautician in the face, simultaneously, trying to go on with a normal conversation with her without wanting to scream bloody murder), I finally conceded defeat and signed up for a two-year session of IPL at Bubblegum – targeting only my bikini area and my underarms.


Surely, cost is a huge factor here. About two years ago, it cost me MYR 3000 for my bikini area alone and then, I proceeded with my underarms which was around MYR1000++. (Please check again with Bubblegum because I have a vague memory). Yes, it is a huge amount but know this, you are paying for a two-year session of which, you have to commit once a month for two years. Compared to waxing, it is far more cost efficient considering it is semi-permanent.

The procedure

To start the session, they will begin to shave the hair off your skin and lather your area with cool gel that would act as a barrier between the skin and the light. Once that is done, the beautician would give you a pair of goggles for you to put on to protect your eyes from the light. She will then begin to do a few tests on a small area to measure your pain tolerance and skin sensitivity. If you flinch, she would reduce the intensity accordingly and then, proceed to the rest of the area. It is a short procedure – it only takes about 10 minutes. Each pulse of light kinda feels like having a rubber band snapping against your skin, which is not even as painful as it sounds. Absolutely nothing compared to waxing. A fair comparison would be getting stabbed vs getting flicked.

Post-procedure and results

I was told that after the session, the hair would grow as per usual but it will begin to shed after a week and that I should not freak out about that. And that, I am not supposed to shave in between sessions. I did not notice any fallen hair but after a few sessions, I noticed that some hair will stop growing while the rest is still alive and well, unfortunately. I will be honest, you won’t be having the satisfaction you would usually have after your waxing session when everything is as clean and bald as the sahara desert. With IPL, it is still tropical but some trees are dead completely. So you’ll end up with a patchy land.

I am almost done with my two-year IPL session at Bubblegum. So do I notice any difference, you might ask? Definitely. My hair does not grow as much as before. Some hair is completely gone. But am I satisfied? Yes and no. Maybe it is because it is my stubborn and hairy ancestry. But as for my underarms, the result is slightly more conspicuous compared to my bikini area. Some hair does still grow but some completely gone and IPL really does slow down the growth of the hair which is great.

Is it worth it?

Yes. I might consider adding a few more sessions to get the result I yearn for. But really, if you cannot stand waxing, IPL is a better alternative. Something you should consider before your next session.

Hope this helps!


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