When I was sixteen, I used to think 30 seems rather bizarre and far-fetched. I reckon, by 30, I would have it all figured out – like being financially stable, owning a big house, driving a fancy car, married with maybe two kids, the list stretches all the way to the north pole. It is... Continue Reading →

Exactly a year ago, who would have thought that in a few months’ time, we would find ourselves in a situation that is simply unthinkable to many. This time, a year ago, little did I know and little did we know, we were only a few months away from experiencing history-in-the-making. And suddenly, nothing else... Continue Reading →

Waxing can be an excruciating experience especially when it comes to waxing your bikini area. At least, it is for me. Fortunately, the pain is bearable for other parts of my body but bikini area is just...hell. Coming from a person who was dumb enough to go through such agony for almost two years (every... Continue Reading →

A while back, I had stumbled upon this journal my late grandfather had written for my mother back in the mid sixties. He had passed on shortly after when mom was still a child. Although, it is upsetting that I did not get the chance to meet my grandfather, I am a glad to know... Continue Reading →

And just like that, the first day of Eid has come to an end. Unlike previous Eids, our house was oddly silent – no guffaws at the dining table, no children screaming in excitement and running around the house, simultaneously, getting berated by their parent; no sound of chairs scraping against the floor in every... Continue Reading →

Every morning, the first thing i'd do is rolling over to the side of my bed, simultaneously, reaching out for my phone to check emails, Twitter and Instagram. Sure, partly, it is because i would like to keep myself abreast of current affairs.. And i could give an excuse like being in a fashion business,... Continue Reading →

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