Even though it has been seven months since my second trip to Bali (It honestly felt like forever ago) , i still get messages from random people asking about the places that we had stayed in Bali on my blog, Instagram and Twitter. I apologise for the delay and i thought, i should best answer... Continue Reading →

In all truthfulness, I was a tad too excited about going to Ubud again. Something about Ubud that gives me a sense of tranquility; the thought of being encompassed by green and the breezy misty mornings give me an indefinite warm and wonderful feelings. However, i was down with fever and flu a day before... Continue Reading →

If you have read my blog, you would know that about eight months ago, i was in Bali. Eight months later, and yet again, Syaira and I found ourselves in the heart of the tropical paradise. This time, however, we came with a lengthy to-do list in the back of our head and it was... Continue Reading →

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