Paris is truly one of the most stunning places I have ever been to. The perfectly manicured streets, the Haussmannien architecture, the smell of fresh breads, the sight of boulangeries at every corner, the beautiful alleys and how sometimes, you could see the top of Eiffel tower perched from behind the buildings so beautifully.  It... Continue Reading →

A few months ago, I had this sudden epiphany and without much thought given, none at all, I had gone to mom and said, “Let’s go to Europe, mom. I really need it.” I had always wanted to go to Paris again and at that moment, it seemed more of a necessity rather than a... Continue Reading →

Every morning, the first thing i'd do is rolling over to the side of my bed, simultaneously, reaching out for my phone to check emails, Twitter and Instagram. Sure, partly, it is because i would like to keep myself abreast of current affairs.. And i could give an excuse like being in a fashion business,... Continue Reading →

Even though it has been seven months since my second trip to Bali (It honestly felt like forever ago) , i still get messages from random people asking about the places that we had stayed in Bali on my blog, Instagram and Twitter. I apologise for the delay and i thought, i should best answer... Continue Reading →

I have been rather occupied with insurmountable responsibilities for the past couple of weeks. I have been driving my mother to and fro the hospital and next week, she will be warded for her upcoming surgery. Nothing major, i hope. Without pretence, i despise being in the hospital. The space reeks of antiseptic smell that... Continue Reading →

Never in a million years would i have pictured myself writing this post with the Mount Fuji majestically standing right before me; peeking sheepishly from between the trees. The cold is creeping from the cracks of the window while the heater is roaring from the corner of the room. I'd like to imagine i am... Continue Reading →

In all truthfulness, I was a tad too excited about going to Ubud again. Something about Ubud that gives me a sense of tranquility; the thought of being encompassed by green and the breezy misty mornings give me an indefinite warm and wonderful feelings. However, i was down with fever and flu a day before... Continue Reading →

If you have read my blog, you would know that about eight months ago, i was in Bali. Eight months later, and yet again, Syaira and I found ourselves in the heart of the tropical paradise. This time, however, we came with a lengthy to-do list in the back of our head and it was... Continue Reading →

It is unfortunate that flight tickets are just exorbitant and of course, our currency is outrageous. Otherwise, i would have made travelling as a monthly ritual. Here are a few places that i really want to go at least once in my lifetime! Jaipur, India  Image by Faithfull The Pink City, Jaipur. I have always... Continue Reading →

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