London in Gloomy October.

I have been putting off updating my blog for quite a while. These posts are collecting dusts in the draft folder and i reckon, i might as well just publish them anyway. If I could describe London in one word, it would be ‘gloomy’ and I am not talking about the weather.  I was there... Continue Reading →

Ireland is undoubtedly rich with history and folklores. As you drive outside Dublin, you would be greeted with green pastures, majestic mountains or clifftops, and also a sight of ancient castles and ruins dated all the way back to prehistoric times. A week would do no justice for the curious minds. Rock of cashel Rock... Continue Reading →

Truthfully, I never thought I would be so invested in the history of Dublin, a land founded by the Vikings. As you stroll along the river bank, eventually, you would be reminded of the great famine that struck back in 19th century that had taken approximately 1 million lives across Ireland. 2 million emigrated from... Continue Reading →

Staying at a château in South of France has always been one of those things I had always wanted to do. When I had discovered Château Saint Martin, it was love at first sight and I knew I could not rest if I had not booked a few nights there. What was once a Knights... Continue Reading →

When I think of Monaco, a few things come in mind : the grand collection of uncommon supercars that you don’t ever get to see in KL, the majestic grandeur of the Casino de Monte Carlo, the mega yachts (And here I thought, Dubai had it all), Grand Prix and of course, the glamorous men... Continue Reading →

I have always wanted to give glamping a try. It is the closest I could get to camping considering I am not an adventurous person and camping isn’t something I am particularly interested in. Having a good private shower is something I could not compromise. With that in mind, with a lot of photos of... Continue Reading →

I must say, like my other stays with Anantara, Anantara Qasr Al Sarab had offered us an experience like no other. There is something oddly magical about being in the midst of nowhere, amidst miles and miles of golden sea that stretches as far as your eyes could see. Being stranded in the desert has... Continue Reading →

Fun fact : That one party scene at the Indian palace from Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol was actually filmed at this very hotel. Jumeirah Zabeel Saray stands out as one of the most grandiose hotels with its ornately carved entrance and palatial façade. It makes you feel like you have just stepped into a palatial... Continue Reading →

Just a few months ago, never would I have imagined that I would be sitting right here on a balcony overlooking the Arabian desert in Abu Dhabi. I came across pictures of this picturesque hotel months ago and had them saved on my Pinterest thinking maybe, someday. I did not expect that someday would have... Continue Reading →

When I was sixteen, I used to think 30 seems rather bizarre and far-fetched. I reckon, by 30, I would have it all figured out – like being financially stable, owning a big house, driving a fancy car, married with maybe two kids, the list stretches all the way to the north pole. It is... Continue Reading →

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